Select Reflectance Map tiles output (Transparent or noalapha)

My processing workflow currently results in noalpha and transparent tiles, and then creates a merged reflectance map. Is there a way to output only the transparent tiles and the merged map? The processing time and disk space requirements for my datasets are large, so I would like to limit the output to only the transparent reflectance tiles if possible (along with the merged tiles, which are already being generated)


Thank you in advance for help.



Hi Tristan,

Unfortunately, there is no way you can generate transparent files alone. The noalpha reflectance files will also be generated. You can reduce the number of 3D points to reduce the processing time;


I have experimented with decreasing the 3D points, but am having trouble choosing a suitable number of Keypoints. Too few and I have gaps in my mosaic, and too many and they time is far too long to process.

Perhaps the best solution in to upgrade my hardware.

I agree, choosing keypoints depend on the project. I agree the best would be to upgrade the hardware. Also, if you have not used Pix4Dfields yet, you can give it a try.