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niveles digitales de reflectancia

Realice el procesamiento de información multiespectral y deseo trabajar los indices de vegetación en programas SIG. Al revisar los resultados encuentro varios archivos.
a) index/project_data/reflectance_gsd/tiles
b) index/reflectance/tiles
En caso de que sea la segunda ruta cuales archivos serian? “nonalpha_reflectance” o “transparent_reflectance”


You can see the difference between transparent and no_alpha here: Transparent will add an extra transparent band. You can also merge the tiles by enabling merge when you are processing, then you will get the full map and it will not be divided into tiles. (a) This is when you are changing the GSD, otherwise (a) and (b) should be the same


Thank you, really helpful.

HI Pedro,

There is one thing I was wrong about: 4_index\project_data\reflectance_gsd is always generated at 1GSD. If you change the reflectance image resolution (ex: 2XGSD), then it will only impact on 4_index\reflectance\tile.