Export photos from ipad to PC

Hello together,

i tried the app and it catched everything very well as expected.

I can`t export the photos. I want to export it from Ipad to PC.
In the FAQs I found a export button. It will save files to a folder that i want.

But still i can`t see them in Camera roll or on PC via Datacable plug in.

Actually i upload them over Google Drive and download it from there, but i would like to export the photos/project from ipad to pc.

I have got a trial License

Thanks for your help

Hello @cetinkaya.goekhan,

The only way to export the images is by using google drive or an external flash drive. The capture images won’t be visible on the camera roll or you won’t be able to export it directly to your computer.

The other way to directly extract the images from your phone without using the google drive is by connecting iXpand flash drive/Type-C flash drive to your iPad and export it. Then you can use that flash drive to copy the project to your computer. For more information visit, How to export Pix4Dcatch projects.