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Can't use the cloud, can't see images, can't do anything

Hello all,

I don’t have Pix4dMapper. I have Pix4dDiscovery which is, of course, the free version of the app. Sorry I don’t have $3500 to kick around. Anyway, I can’t use the cloud because I have no license, so I just have a bunch of photos on my ipad. I tried to email the project files to myself and open them in Pix4DDiscovery, but Discovery says it can’t find the pictures, or whatever it says with i0023 error. I want to see the individual pictures on my computer and show one of them to someone. I have no real interest in mapping them because they’re bad pictures, but I wanted to see how the program would work. What am I doing wrong? Please help!!! I’m totally lost, and I really just don’t understand this product no matter how much I read about it.

Never mind. I just got the pictures from camera memory card. I don’t know why it took me so long to think of that x)

Hello Sara,

As you mentioned already you can download the images directly from the SD card.

You can also benefit from a Pix4Dmapper trial. Check here for more info: 


Best Regards, 

Hi Sara,

There are several ways to transfer the images to the computer after the mission. You can find the different ways in the following article: The first option does not apply to your case as you do not have access to the cloud. However, you can find in the article detailed instructions about how to transfer the images from the device to the computer (Option B) and about how to copy the images from the SD card of the drone (Option C).