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Directly download data in the field (no cloud upload)???

Hi! I am using the Pix4Dcapture app with a Phantom 3 Pro drone to map seagrass beds in Palau. The wifi is not strong here so I am trying to avoid uploading my images and flight data to the cloud. Is it possible to directly download the data to my desktop either through the app (I am using an iPad for the app) or from the drone SD card? Please let me know if you have ideas!! 

Hi Heidi! 

There are two common ways of transferring the images to the computer. Either you take the SD card, plug it to the computer and transfer the images. Or you can synchronize the images from the drone to Pix4Dcapture (on smartphone or tablet) and then from the device to the computer. 

These articles should help: 

Let us know how it went :slight_smile: