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Export multispectral point cloud

I’m trying to export a point cloud created with the images of a Micasense RedEdge, but I’m detecting that the point cloud doesn’t contain at least the RGB. Only it is showed a panchromatic information of a band (I have no idea about which band is too…). For this reason, is it possible to export a .txt file with the information of all the bands? Is the radiometric calibration applied before the export or the color information will not be calibrated?

Thanks in advance!


Mostly, the point cloud you exported is of the green band by default. The automatic tie points are extracted from each band and that is used for creating the densified point cloud. When you see the processing options in step 2, you will see which band point cloud has been generated.



For getting point cloud of all bands, chnage the rig processing mode to optimize relative rotation:

Radiometric correction is applied at step 3, thus point cloud values will not be radiometrically corrected.