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Export Flight Path as KMZ / KML


I need to export the flight path as displayed in Pix4D Mapper to a KML or KMZ, and not seeing method for this in the application or a reference to it in the Community.

It doesn’t need to be the true GPS trajectory (although that would be ideal), but the grid connecting the Camera icons would be nice. It was flown in Pix4D Capture so if there’s a way to export from a project in that, that would work too, but it does not appear that that’s an option.


Hi @ftalton,

At the moment it is not possible to export the flight path from Pix4Dmapper.

The lines that you can see in the software are generated automatically by connecting the images based on the capture time.

You can have a look at the params folder that contains the locations of images, but only as single points and not connected with a line.


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