Export files in .tif (Not .tiff)

Some of our secondary software will only use .tif files. Can Pix4DMatic export .tif files instead of .tiff

There is no difference between TIF and TIFF. They both are extensions used by the Tagged Image File Format (TIFF), which is used in storing images like photos. You see TIF being used in a lot of older applications that were created prior to long filenames going mainstream. Basically, the data is the same but the extension was shortened due to limitations with the code. I believe you can simply change the file extension from .TIFF to .TIF. In the folder where the image lives right click on it and change the name.

Thanks Mike for the quick response. We can change the extension to .tif but doing 200+ tiles is time consuming. If would be preferred if we could have the option to export in the format we need.

We also lost our ESPG code reference on most of the tile .tif files. Some tiles had the correct CRS but the software errored on those .tif tiles that did not have the code which is out 200 tiles was about 175. I wasn’ t sure if that data was lost when we changed the file extension.

@irondronecrew thanks for the feedback. What third party software needs .tif instead of .tiff? This will help to better understand the context of your request. Thanks!

I’m adding @irondronecrew 's workaround here for people who’re looking for a workaround: Convert .tiff files to .tif

Has Pix4D since my first post to consider or can you develop the ability to export orthomosaic as a .tif file, instead of .tiff.
I am trying to work with 3 software vendors now to the come up with the right combination of what we need to interface our Zenmuse P1 Smart Oblique images into a usable orthomosaic .tif file in tiles that I can import into Airworks.

Pix4D - I just need to be able to export in .tif NOT .tiff
Carlson Photocapture I need to be able to use the Smart Oblique images and export tiles not 1 file but they deliver a .tif
Airworks - I need them to be able to accept a .tiff file.

Hi @ironstonesurveying,

Thanks for following-up, as I hadn’t received an answer to my previous question on which workflows are impacted, this request was paused. The examples always help to understand why a certain development should be done. I’m going to see what we can do about this.

EDIT: note that in the meantime, manually changing the output from “.tiff” to “.tif” should do the trick. This is especially handy if you export the DSM/Ortho as a single tile.

We are using a third party software called AirWorks. Their software requires the import of a .tif file. When we try to load the Pix4D .tiff it does not recognize the file. We have tried to manually change the file extension to .tif and that does not work then we attempted the work around I post to convert .tiff files to .tif however most of the images lost is geo-reference data. I know this may be placing a burden on Pix4D when the issue may be around AirWorks however, I would hope that Pix4D could do a quick fix to this by adding .tif to the export files selection. That would help us bridge a huge gap in using the software to produce the 3D orthomosaic we need for AirWorks.

Hi @ron,

Have you tried using QGIS to import the .tiff file and save it as a .tif file?
You can download QGIS for free from this link:

Then you can Export Data in GeoTIFF formats by following instructions of this link:

I hope you find this helpful.