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tfw files with ortho

Can we get tfw files to export from pix4dmatic? I can extract them from the geotif but it seems an unnecessary step.

Hi @Jason_Young, can you please provide an example to understand for what kind of workflow or third party software you would need this .tfw file? Once we understand how this is used, we can start planning for this. Thank you.

I believe it was something we could get in pix4d in the past correct? It has many uses, autocad without raster tools that read the tiff, virtualCrash which needs it to align pointcloud to ortho, and if we need to do anything in photoshop its much easier to use the tfw to scale and align instead of putting the metadata back in the image.

Thanks for providing the examples, I’m adding this to our internal feedback board.

If other people read this and also want the .tfw, please upvote @Jason_Young 's post. Thanks!