JP2 file export for orthophotos

I don’t believe it’s possible to export the orthophoto in .jp2 now. With the jpg + jgw files we export now we have to use a second part program to host the files online for our use. While the program we use now to work with the orthophoto would be able to handle jp2 it can’t handle jpg + jgw.

Secondary, if it’s not able to add jp2 export, can you recommend a reliable way to transform to jp2?

Hi @stikning, thanks for sharing your feedback! What kind of platform do you upload to? It’s the first time I hear about the use of the jp2 format for sharing the orthomosaic.

Infrakit: How to upload orthophotos

@stikning thanks! it looks like .tiff is supported too, so you could export the .tiff from PIX4Dmatic and upload that. Have you tried that?

tiff files use a lot more storage, according to my experience. We map our construction sites quite frequently and since they are in remote areas we have to rely on 4G to transfer the data. Therefore we prefer to have the slimmest possible format.

makes sense! we’ll see what we can do for the jp2 format.

If someone else reads this and would like the jp2 format, please add a comment or upvote the initial request. Thanks!

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I would like to see an option for the jp2 format as well. I’ve been having some issue’s importing the mosaics from pix4Dmatic into AutoCAD Map due to the jagged edges on the tiff. On of the solutions posted when I asked about it on the AutoCAD forums was to use the jp2 format.

See: Solved: Geotif Not Importing Correctly - Autodesk Community


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