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Convert .tiff files to .tif

Some third party software may require orthomosaic files in a .tif format. Unfortunately, Pix4Dmatic only exports the orthomosaic in .tiff format. To batch convert those files to .tif.

  1. Open the folder containing all the .tiff files that need to be converted to .tif
  2. Anywhere inside the folder - “Hold shift + right click”
  3. Select “Open Power Shell Window Here” - window opens
  4. Copy: “ls | Rename-Item -NewName { [io.path]::ChangeExtension($, “tif”) }”
  5. In Power Shell Window paste: “ls | Rename-Item -NewName { [io.path]::ChangeExtension($, “tif”) }”
  6. HIt - “Enter”
    All .tiff files should now be in .tif file format.
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Thanks for sharing your workaround with the community @irondronecrew ! It’s appreciated!

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