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Exported Orthomosaic .tiff converted to .tif files does not contain EPSG code data

We are using a 2D Orthomosaic in 3rd party software that requires the .tiff data to be converted into .tif files. Once converted to .tif the orthomosaic tiles are uploaded but results in an error that the EPSG code data was not found in the .tif file. In Pix4DMatic the EPSG codes were loaded into the process when images were uploaded. The CRS used in the Pix4DMatic process was Vertical - 6447 Horizontal - 6360. Are we losing the CRS data when converting to .tif? Or is the CRS data associated to the 2D Orthomosaic found in other files and not the .tif that requires to be also be uploaded with the Orthomosaic tiles?

@irondronecrew normally the CRS and geolocation are directly in the .tiff files, but certain software aren’t able to read these, which is why we’ve added the TFW+prj files export. Maybe that would solve it for you?

Here is an example screenshot of where these options can be found: