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Creating .tiff Files

I am working with another company that uses Pix4D to map out a large area (780 acres). They are sharing their orthomosaics with me via a drop box. The .tiff file is to large to upload to the drop box so they uploaded a .sid file and .pgw file. They said that the .sid file is basically a compressed .tiff file. I was wondering after I downloaded the .sid file, is there a way to rewrite it as a .tiff file. The software that I am using for the .tiff file is Trimble Business Center, and it doesn’t support those two other file types. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Pix4d creates smaller tiff file tiles by default. The user has to tell the software to combine into larger tiff. The smaller tiles are located in the same folder as the larger combined tiff. Ask them to upload this folder to Dropbox. The tiles are georeferenced. Make sure your coordinate system is set correct in TBC before import. The only issue I have seen in TBC with this meathod, is that you will notice the borders of each tile in TBC. It is not as clean looking as the combined tiff.

I am surprised that the larger tiff cannot be uploaded to Dropbox. I upload tiff files 3-4 times that size to Dropbox daily. Maybe they don’t have a Dropbox account with enough storage.

Thanks Tommy, I appreciate the feedback and will try this out!

Hi Allen,

Some additional information.
There is information about that format here.
Any standard CAD or GIS software can open and convert it into other format.

It is a compressed format created by the company Lizardtech.
There is a module called GeoViewer which can be downloaded. I have not used it myself but as far as I think, it can open sid files and export them into other formats like tiff.
The software can be downloaded here .

Best regards,