Hi All

I am looking to upload a TIFF to pix4dcloud but the size of it is 60gb. Due to its size its blocked from being uploaded.

Anyone have any ideas on ways to best reduce it in TIFF format or other ways top get it uploaded??

Thanks in advance. PS this is already processed and I dont have the original files.



You can reduce the size in Global Mapper, but it will also reduce the quality. Alternatively, you can also split it into smaller images if you want to keep the native resolution.

Hi Chris

How can you upload as smaller images? As yo can only upload one imager per flight date?

Any recommendations on reducing file size in global mapper as I cant seem to find anything apart from compression.

Thanks in advance.

Once you import the geotiff into GM, you can export it:

Use the dropdown menue to select GeoTIFF as the export format.

When you get to the “GeoTIFF Export Options” window, you want to reduce the Sample Spacing / Scale. Most surveyors / engineers that I work with prefer 6" resolution to work with in CAD:

You would have to upload multiple images as different projects, if you chose that route. Let me know if that answered your question.

AMAZING… Thank you for your help !!! You are a star

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You’re more than welcome. Let me know if that worked for you.

Thanks for asking on the Pix4D community @operations2 and thanks for your help @Chris_Putnam ! I am sure this will be helpful for others out there.

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worked a treat… Global mapper bombed out a few times but I eventually managed to get the GSD to a figure that worked.

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