Export DSM


I get the DSM (.tif file) but has 1.5 GB. When I want reduce the size or reduce the resolution, the image appear in white color, whitout any colors. What is the better way to use and share this kind of file in order to keep all the colors and properties?

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The Geotiff (.tif) has all the information stored in to it. You just need a correct software to show that information (usually GIS e.g QGIS which is opensource btw). If you look open the .tif with windows photo viewer it just shows a blank white picture that’s because it can’t handle the information stored into the image file.

With GIS software you can properly resize the .tif file if you need to

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Hello Jaakko Laihola, thank you for your answer.  

The file size is 1.5GB and is dificult to open it with normal PC.

is it possible to open the file with another software?

How can I convert the file in other type (e.g. .png, .jpg or .pdf)?