Error: Not responding in Volume Calculation

I have a problem when doing volume or area calculations. The software “freezes” and indicates “not responding” (see attached image) constantly at every two commands. This makes the work very difficult and laborious. Has anyone ever encountered this situation?
It should be noted that this issue is new and started this week. Before, we didn’t have this problem.

Thank you


I’m experiencing a similar issue. In my case the volume objects do not appear in the ‘objects’ side bar (or allow for any type of editing or volume calcuation) after creation , and shortly after the sidebar itself goes black and results in a crash if I try to navigate away from the ‘volumes’ view.


May I ask which version of PIX4Dmapper are you using?
If you are not using the latest version (4.7.3), please update to the latest one from this link and select the windows icon as shown below

Let us know if the issue is not fixed after the update.


Are you sure it resolves my problem? The problem has been started in this month, before I did not have any issues linked to it.


This was an issue we spotted on the 4.6.4 version and got fixed on the 4.7.xx versions.
I would also suggest updating your GPU drivers.

Can you please check and let me know?



Have you received my message?


I am having the same issue. I just uninstalled and updated to version 4.7.3. Anytime I do anything with the volume, the volume menu turns black. It used to work previously. All of my display drivers are up to date, and I am running Windows 10.

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Hi Scott6,
Did you update your drivers directly from the NVIDIA site or did you do it through the device manager? We recommend going directly to NVIDIA to ensure you find and install the latest driver for your GPU.

Hi Mike_K,
Initially I updated through the device manager, but then tried updating through NVIDIA with no success. I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB display adapter. This program used to work fine in another computer that wasn’t equipped with NVIDIA, and now it does not.

Hi Scott6,
Try going to this link:

You can download the driver for your GTX 1060 GPU.

Mike K,

I’m having a similar problem, with the package freezing and the volume menu turning black. I have a perpetual licence which i used to use without any issues on Windows 7. I have recently changed to window 10, as windows 7 is no longer supported and this issue has arisen. the version i have is 4.5.6

Hello @nkane, I would suggest you to update your graphic card and see if that helps to solve your issue.

Sometimes it might also happen if you are using multiple screens with different resolutions so make sure that you are opening the PIX4Dmapper on the main screen.

This is still an issue for me, rendering my 3 jobs unable to complete whilst on the road. I have updated drivers, updated to 4.7.5 and done multiple re-starts. The software loads a point cloud, but when switching to volumes tab, it flickers black and maybe I can get one volume defined before it goes completely black and then ends up Not Responding. Running Windows 10, with new installs of Pix 4.7.5 and nvidia drivers for GeForce 3070.

Hello @Jared_Janacek, Most of those crashes are related to the hardware or the limitation of the hardware. Are you having the same behaviors with any sized projects? I would suggest you try processing a small project and see if it is happening.
We have recently released the newer version of PIX4Dmapper so I would suggest upgrading the software. Usually, the graphic release the newer version very fast, if the newer version is available, I would suggest you update it and retry.