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Volume calculation - Modify volume is almost impossible

Hi everyone,

I’m currently using Pix4D Mapper to compute stockpiles volumes in a quarry. I can create the volumes alright, but sometime i need to refine the contour of the stockpile i marked. To do that i click my volume then drag the vertex were i need. The problem is that when i move a vertex, the program freezes for several seconds (almost 1 minute for big stockpiles) before i can click anywhere else. So it takes a very long time just to adjust the stockpile contours (even-though the volume has not been computed already). This is very annoying.

Is this a normal behaviour ?

I had to do the same job last year and i didn’t encounter this issue on the lower Pix4D Mapper version at the time. I’m currently using V4.6.3

Thank you,

This issue could be related to your GPU.
Would you please make sure that the drivers of your GPU are updated?

To update the GPU, visit the link below and look up the model on your system. If you don’t have an Nvidia card then go to the relevant manufacturer website for their recent GPU driver. I would not suggest using the windows updater as that often won’t find the latest stable version.

Download Drivers | NVIDIA

Additionally, would you check if your computer meets the recommended system requirements just in case? You might want to try it using another computer if you have any.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

Hi @Yuka ,

Thank you for your answer. I updated the GPU driver, but i still have this freezing/program not responding problem. I don’t think it is linked to the GPU because i have the same issue when i try to re-name my volumes. The bigger it is (number of vertex) the longer it freezes.

As i said, i had to do the same job last year and the program was handling it very well, modifying volumes and names included.

Here is my config, it’s not top notch but it is enough for photogrammetry works.

Operating System
Windows 10 Professionnel 64-bit
Intel Core i7 5930K @ 3.50GHz 29 °C
Haswell-E/EP 22nm Technology
128 Go Unknown @ 1066MHz (14-14-14-35)
MSI X99S SLI PLUS (MS-7885) (SOCKET 0) 28 °C
PLB2712HDS (1920x1080@60Hz)
4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (Gigabyte) 24 °C
238GB Samsung SSD 850 PRO 256GB (SATA (SSD)) 21 °C → For windows and programs
476GB Crucial_CT512MX100SSD1 (SATA (SSD)) 22 °C → For data storage (Drone images, Pix4D project files, …)

Thank you for the additional information.
Would you please try it using another computer? We would like to check whether it is a hardware related issue or not. If the problem still persist, please try with the older version, Pix4Dmapper 4.5.6. As you mentioned, it could be related to the issue with 4.6.3 and we would like to investigate further. You can download Pix4Dmaper 4.5.6 from here.

Hello @Yuka ,

I don’t have any other computer available unfortunately. However, i uninstalled Pix4Dmapper V4.6.3 and installed 4.5.6, then reopened my project and… it works very fine, i can move all my vertex and rename volume instantly. Apparently it is related to the version.

I also had a recent issue on a multispectral project with V4.6.3 : after saving and closing the project it was impossible to re-open it, with “e0400b” error (invalid format) message… I will reprocess it on V4.5.6 and let you know…


Thank you very much for letting us know about the issue and trying it out with the old version.

Would it be possible that you share the video of the problem? It would help us a lot during our investigation.


@DRONE_ALSACE, we were able to reproduce the issue on our side and we are investigating what could be causing the issue.

Would it be possible that you share the affected project with us by any chance?

Hello, yes it is possible. How would you like it to be sent and what files exactly ?

However, i must specify that I re-opened and saved this project with V4.5.6, eventhough it was processed using V4.6.3 originaly. I don’t have an original copy.

Could you upload the whole project here:

  • .pd4 file,
  • project folders (1_initial, 2_densification, 3_dsm_ortho, temp, txt,)
  • original images

Please zip the folder before uploading. And let me know once the files are available so I can have a look.

Thanks in advance,

I Just finished uploading the project

Thank you for sharing the files. We were able to experience the same, there is a delay when moving the volume vertices.

Our development team will have a look in order to determine the cause.

Best regards,

Hi all,

we release a new version of Pix4Dmapper with fixed software freeze when moving vertices in the volume module. Click here to download the latest Pix4Dmapper version.

More information in the Pix4Dmapper preview and technical release notes.