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Editing a vertex of a stock pile makes Pix4D mapper v4.6.4 unresponsive

We do close to 400+ stock piles per month. We survey the same quarry’s every month. To save time, we will export the stock pile surface from the previous month survey into the current month survey project. In some cases the stock piles have not changed/moved from the previous survey. however, when the stock pile has grown larger or smaller, we need to update the vertex for the baseline of the stockpile.

Since we installed the latest version 4.6.4. When we try and edit a vertex of a stock pile, pix4D mapper in the stock pile 3D view, it becomes unresponsive. It is almost like it is rewriting/updating the MTP. The larger piles with more vertexs it take even longer.

This is a MAJOR bug/problem for us.

Is anyone else having this issue? Is there are fix or work around (outside of having to create a new stock pile measurement)?

As stated, this just started happening in this release of Pix4D mapper 4.6.4.

thank you.

Hi @Christopher_Haddad,

As you mentioned, there was an issue in the 4.6.4 version of PIX4Dmapper and vertices editing was slower as expected.

Our team found the issue and fixed in PIX4Dmapper 4.7.1. See release notes for more information.

I recommend downloading the latest preview version of PIX4Dmapper and try again.