Pix4Survey v1.54.0 How to adjust stock pile fixed baseline

Hello All,

We recently switched over from Pix4Mapper to Pid4Survey 1.54.0 for stockpile surveying. In Pix4D mapper we had multiple options for adjusting the stockpile baseline (lowest, highest, avg, or customized fixed baseline).

Where is this feature in Pix4DSurvey 1.54?

It currently seems the only way to do this would be to manually edit each vertices elevation. Which would take huge amount of time.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Kind regards,

Christopher Haddad

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Hi @bcooke,

To change the baseline for stockpile calculations in PIX4Dsurvey, you need to first select outline the stockpile then be sure to select the volume. With the volume selected, you can modify the alignment by clicking on the icon shown in the screenshot. This will allow you to assign a custom height, or align to the highest, average, or lowest point.

I hope that helps!