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Volume calculation not working

I have been able to calculate the volumes of stockpiles in the past with no problem. In the last several months I have had some real issues with this function. It will work 1 out of 20 times, but usually I need to uninstall and reinstall pix4mapper, then re-optimize my project.

I’ve installed the latest version 4.7.3 and updated my graphics driver, and I still can’t calculate volumes. I can draw the perimeter of the stockpile, and the volume object menu does not update. It turns black, or flashes. I have also tried this on another computer and I have the same problem. Please help.


Hi Scott,

Thank you for your message and for reporting the issue. I have forwarded the information provided to the team in charge. I will let you know if we would need additional information from your side.

Lately anything I do using the volumes menu, freezes the program and I need to close Pix4dmapper using the task manager.

Thank you for your message, Scott.
Which PIX4Dmapper version are you using? Is your GPU driver up to date?