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Error loading images in the basic editor


I have created a project and loaded 9 TIFF (floating point) images. The images were produced by FLIR’s ResearchIR and are displayed fine in any GIS environment. Moreover the camera’s metadata is correctly loaded when including the files in the project (check first image).

However I am now having trouble displaying my project’s images in the Basic GCP/MTP editor, as the preview area for marking the MTP is blank for every clicked image. Each time I select a different image to be displyed, an error like "[Error]: ImageViewer: failed to open image <C:/Users/pvcity/Documents/pix4d/pg1/1_initial/project_data/normalised/26_9.jpg>! " is generated.

The log is as follows:

Mind you, I have also tried with TIFF images produced by GIS software, therefore losing the metadata etc, and using different saving options (e.g.: compression types), but it always fails. This seems to be related to using floating point TIFF (which, data-wise, is relevant to my project), as it does dot happen with RGB integer image formats such as JPG.

Am I missing something in the project creation steps?

Thank you.


Hi mig san, 

This might be an issue with the Basic Editor. As workaround I would suggest to run step 1. Initial Processing, mark the GCPs/MTPs directly in the rayCloud and then Process > Reoptimize. 

Would you mind sharing the images of your project through a file sharing service? If possible, add the link to the shared folder in your next comment. I will try to reproduce the issue so I can document the problem for our developers.

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Hi Pierangelo,

Thank you for your suggestions. I found out that indeed by starting processing immediatly after loading the images, once I go back to the basic GCP/MTP editor the images then show up in preview. This workaround is probably good enough, but still there seems to be some issue (mind the log in the original post - after having processed one time even without GCP the mentioned normalized JPG previews are created in the project folder, abeit they don’t seem to be required when the loaded images are in a format other than 32bit float TIFF).

You can try one set of images I am currently working with: 

I did not mention in my original post that I am currently using version 4.1.22, will try to update to see if the problem persists.

Hi mig san, 

Thanks for sharing your feedback. I was able to reproduce the error with your images on version 4.1.24 and have transferred the information to the developers. As there is a workaround for the issue it is not a high priority issue for the developers to fix, so I would not expect that this gets fixed soon.