Cannot open Mosaic Editor in a project downloaded from cloud

Hey all,


I am having an issue when downloading projects from Pix4Dmapper. I am trying to clean up the Orthomosaic image but I cannot open the Mosaic Editor. The error I keep getting is …


[Error]: Load point cloud: the mean resolution was not set or invalid!

[Error]: Point cloud loader: Initialisation failed with error: [Load point cloud: the mean resolution was not set or invalid!]

[Error]: Loading point cloud failed!

Step 2 of the processing options is red as well.


This seems to be hit or miss with some projects working and others not. We are using 3D Maps for the processing options by the way. Any help would be appreciated. 




Hi Jason, 

It seems as if the mean resolution was not set correctly. We have reported the issue to our developers. 

A workaround would be to regenerate the quality report by clicking “Process > Generate Quality Report”, which recomputes the mean resolution. Then, the Mosaic Editor can be opened again. 


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Hi All,

Just wanted to say that I’m still having this issue as well. Im using version 4.0.25. The workaround mentioned by Pierangelo still works as well.

Has this been fixed yet ? I am using version 4.1.25. The workaround still works fine. 

Hi Jason,

The issue is not fixed. The resolution is on-hold as there is a workaround. I have however taken this opportunity to report your need to our product managers and developers.

Hi Julie,

Version 4.3.27 same issue…