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Failed to preview thermal image

Hello everyone,

I have the following issue: With a FLIR VUE PRO R we take some images. Then when I want to proccess I need to use the GCP/MTP and the manual tie points, but I can’t see the preview of each image. This is the log:

[Error]: ImageViewer: failed to open image <xxxxxx/Documents/pix4dmapper/imagen6/1_initial/project_data/normalised/prueba6.jpg>!

Thanks for your time

Another thing is that my images are in TIFF format and the error says [Error]: ImageViewer: failed to open image <xxxxxx/Documents/pix4dmapper/imagen6/1_initial/project_data/normalised/ prueba6.jpg >!

If someone has the same error: after investigation it appeared that step 1. Initial Processing was not processed. Once you process step 1 the problem is solved.