Error: Generate Textured Mesh- Failed!

I am running my first project and processing keeps failing when trying to “Generate Textured Mesh”. I have posted some of the log file below for referance. Any help would be appreciated.

[2023-09-27 17:18:35][16%CPU][32%RAM]Generate mesh geometry Generate free-space constraints
[2023-09-27 17:18:35][16%CPU][32%RAM]Generate mesh geometry (pEvent) Flag free space nodes using visibility constraints
[2023-09-27 17:31:16][34%CPU][36%RAM]Generate mesh geometry Error occurred in the PoissonRecon library
[2023-09-27 17:31:16][34%CPU][36%RAM]Generate mesh geometry Error generating mesh
[2023-09-27 17:31:16][34%CPU][36%RAM]Generate mesh geometry Exception thrown in a callback injected by the user: Error reading image contents
[2023-09-27 17:31:17][34%CPU][36%RAM][Generate mesh geometry] Error
[2023-09-27 17:31:17][34%CPU][36%RAM][Filter out small components] Cancelled
[2023-09-27 17:31:17][34%CPU][36%RAM][Decimate mesh geometry] Cancelled
[2023-09-27 17:31:17][34%CPU][36%RAM][Smooth mesh geometry] Cancelled
[2023-09-27 17:31:17][34%CPU][36%RAM][Create mesh texture] Cancelled
[2023-09-27 17:31:17][34%CPU][36%RAM][Post-processing mesh] Cancelled
[2023-09-27 17:31:17][34%CPU][36%RAM][Generate textured mesh] Error Input point cloud: Dense
Template: Aerial
Texture size: 8192x8192
Deghosting: Weak
Decimation: Limit triangle count
Maximum triangle count: 500000
Plane-aware: Disabled
Sky mask: Disabled
[2023-09-27 17:31:17][23%CPU][30%RAM]Generate textured mesh Mesh generation failed
Processing time 14m 1s