Continually receiving processing failed while attempting to process mesh

Every time I process a scene, the processing for the mesh always fails with the following information:

  • Generate Computed Depth Maps
    • Generation of Depth Maps Failed

Any help would be greatly apprciated.

Hi @jeffrey.toal

Do you have more info about your project? e.g. the log files or the quality report? This would help to understand more of the context (computer hardware, other possible error messages,…)


Hello @Pierangelo Rothenbühler

I have attached two quality reports and two log files. Inside folder 1, is a scene that I was able to obtain the mesh. Folder 2 is one of the cases I was unable to obtain the mesh. I haven’t changed my processing methods (I do not think) between the two files.

Thanks for looking into this.

Jeff (653 KB) (645 KB)

Hi @jeffrey.toal

Thanks for sharing! The first thing I noticed in the log files is that one project was made on version 1.54.3 and the other on version 1.52.0. I would recommend to update to the latest stable 1.58.2 or even to the latest preview 1.60 if you really want to have the newest developments (if you want to get notified in the app, you can turn on “Software updates” in the Edit > Preferences).

As for the specific issue, I could not find any trace of it in the log files you have shared. I will discuss the issue with colleagues and get back to you if I have more info. In the meantime, it would be worth a try to run the project on the new version of the software. And if the issue persists, to share the new log file and quality report.

Thank you!

Hello @Pierangelo Rothenbühler

I updated Matic to version 1.58.2. After the update, I processed the files from folder 2 I sent in the previous email, and it processed all the way through without any errors. So, I had hopes of processing another scene that also would not process the Mesh (folder 3). However, I got the error again for this file. I have attached the processing log and quality report in a sub-folder labeled “New” within file 2, just so you can see the difference from the old to the new. I have also added the processing log and quality report for the new file in folder 3.

Please let me know if you need more from me.

Thank for the help!

Jeff (1.61 MB) (892 KB)

Hi @jeffrey.toal

You seem to be repeatedly hitting this error:

[2024-05-07 11:21:39][02%CPU][06%RAM]Generate computed depth maps Start processing
[2024-05-07 11:21:39][02%CPU][06%RAM]Generate computed depth maps Splitting pointcloud
[2024-05-07 11:22:03][08%CPU][06%RAM]Generate computed depth maps An I/O issue for the temporary data: Write error in temporary workspace
[2024-05-07 11:22:03][08%CPU][06%RAM][Generate computed depth maps] Error
[2024-05-07 11:22:03][03%CPU][06%RAM]Generate computed depth maps Generation of depth maps failed

It’s not clear to me why it is happening.

Are you on a network drive? Maybe there is some connection issue there. If that is the case, maybe you could try having the processing done locally and then store everything on the network drive later on.

Another idea would be that there is not enough hard drive space, but you seem to have enough hard drive space left (at least in one of the logs it shows 800+GB free).

Hey @Pierangelo Rothenbühler,

You are correct. We have a supercomputer we use to process Pix4D scenes, that is connected to our network. It allows us to do other work while the scene is processing, without bogging down our laptops. However, I just reprocessed the scene from file 3, I had sent you previously. This time I did it on my laptop without being connected to our network. The mesh still failed during processing. I have attached the quality report and processing log for your review.

I wanted to let you know that all of my coworkers I have asked, are having the same problem with processing the mesh.

What else should we try?

Just let me know.



2024-05-15_14-34-14.txt (1.25 MB)

Project_2024-05-15_14-34-quality_report.pdf (1.2 MB)

Hello Jeffrey,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

We are looking into what can cause this issue. One thing you can try is to whitelist the project folder in your antivirus software; the depth maps computation code writes some temporary files to the project folder, maybe it looks like a suspicious activity to the antivirus.

Could you try it out and let us know if it made any difference, please?

Kind regards,

Hey Alexey!

I contacted my IT department and forwarded your last email to them. They first had me check our antivirus software, to see if anything was quarantined or reported, which there was not. Then, they explained we have a whitelist folder on each PC that we can utilize. I placed my project file in the whitelist folder and attempted to reprocess one of the failed mesh scene. However, the mesh still failed to process.

What else should we try?

Thanks for your time.