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error code e0094 Gl

Enjoying the trial and would upgrade however I am having issues - I’m getting error code e0094 re Open GL.It occurs when I click on the ra cloud function and I think in other areas too. 

I have updated all drivers. I am on a laptop (HP DV7). This has 2 graphics cards. I have tried disabling them one at a time with no success and I have updated drivers. I have followed the other guide on the forum with no luck so far. I am not using a remote desktop either. 

I have a separate desktop pc that doesn’t experience this issue. 

Any help appreciated

Not sure if it matters but the issue is with a windows 10 pc.

Hopefully someone can help 

Dear Daniel,

It is likely that the wrong GPU is used for Pix4Dmapper. Depending on the GPU, you can go in the appropriate control panel and make sure that the correct, more powerful GPU is used for Pix4Dmapper. Please note that not all GPUs are compatible with the rayCloud, and in particular we require IntelHD4000 or newer as a minimum requirement. To see the hardware requirements: 202557289.

Best regards,

I have the same problem. I configured the switcheable graphic and I’m using AMD Radeon HD7400m (compatible with opengl 3.2).

Ho did you resolved it ?

Best regards

Hi Silviu,

Did you maybe check this article?