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Flashing graphics

I have Pix4D V4.2.27 loaded but am having an issue with the graphics flashing once step 1 of processing is complete.  The point cloud flashes constantly but the cameras and rays are ok.  I previously had 4.2.17 loaded & did not have any viewing issues.  Has anyone else had this issue?

Hi Edward,

The problem that you described it is a behavior strongly linked with the rayCloud and the compatibility with OpenGL 3.2 of your graphics card. Could you please provide us the driver version of your graphics card? 

Additionally please make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of the driver of the GPU.



Good morning,

I have the exact same issue.

GPU: Intel HD Graphics 530 (Driver v10.18.15.4278 latest version)

Pix4D Mapper v4.3.31

Hi Thibaut,

Could you tell us more about the issue you are facing:

  • Does it appear for all the projects or only for a specific one?
  • Is there a large shift between the image geolocation and GCPs? Are GCPs measured in a local/arbitrary coordinate system?
  • Does the issue appear after a specific step, for example after adding the GCPs or after reoptimizing the project?

Hi Blaž,

It appeared on a recent project we did with the eBee X (coordinate system WGS84) and also on the Pix4D practical exam.

Both after the initial phase, in the point cloud (not densified).

Thank you for the information. There were some users reporting similar issues when using large shifts in the project, but it looks like you are not facing the same issue. 

Could you doublecheck that the latest drivers are installed? Looking at the Downloads for Intel® HD Graphics 530, the latest available version is

Would it be possible to install the software on another computer and check if you face the same issue?

Hello Blaž,

you were right about the driver, I didn’t check thoroughly whether I had the latest version or not.

We have the software installed on several computers and this laptop was the only one giving us trouble.

Updating the driver solved the issue, thanks for your help!