Error 0xc0000409 again. Pix4dMapper can't launch.

Pix4dMapper does not launch anymore. The initial dialog “Creating Application” appears for 5-10 seconds and then disappears and the program does not launch. I have attached the event viewer log to this post. In essence it identifies the faulting module as ucrtbase.dll.
My GPU and OS (Windows 11) drivers are up to date. The system is an Alienware X17 R2 and the GPU is dual: NVidia RTX 3060 and Interl Iris Xe Graphics. The system has 32 Gb RAM.
I have uninstalled/reinstalled Pix4d to no avail. All critical components and drivers are up to date.

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In the case of this ucrtbase.dll , the issue could be caused by a conflict in the ‘proj_lib’ environment variable. Pix4D uses the GDAL library. If GIS-related software is installed, which also sets an environment variable ‘proj_lib’, after removing the environment variable, the issue could be resolved.

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That was indeed the problem. I use PostgreSQL on my system and it had defined the “proj_lib” environment variable. Deleting this definition allowed Pix4D to launch.

What I need to check now is the impact on the PostgreSQL server.

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