Error 0xc0000142 opening Pix4DMapper


from a time to now we are getting this message error when trying to open Pix4DMapper.


The application could not start correctly (0xc0000142).
Click OK to close it.

We reinstalled the nvidia drivers and Pix4DMapper and the application started fine, but when we turned off the computer and turned it on again the same error appeared.

Can anyone give us a clue as to what is going on and how we can fix it?

Greetings and thanks.

Hello @serpam , The error usually mean corrupted files or outdated software. Some of our user had the same issue previously, I recommend going through the below support artilce to fix it.

You can also try reinstalling the PIX4Dmapper software again following the steps explained in the below support article, if that doesn’t resolve your issue, try the steps explained in the above link.
How to completely uninstall PIX4Dmapper - PIX4Dmapper