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Drone returns home at end of first capture line


Today we were mapping a quarry with our new DJI p4p using a simple grid flight plan, however when the aircraft reached the end of its first flight line it would leave the mission and start coming back to land without any prompting. In another instance once the p4p had reached the end of of one of the flight line it would just start to hover and not continue with the mission. In some cases pausing the mission and restarting it would help slightly but the UAS would inevitable leave the mission and start trying to come back to land. In one case we tried to pause and restart the mission this lead to a loss of GPS signal and the aircraft refusing to carry on with the mission.

Any help would be appreciated.  

Hi Michael,


There were already some users reporting a similar issue (hovering at the corners). After investigating few logs files we concluded that that the issue is related to the DJI SDK and that the users need to wait for some time, e.g. 1 minute, before the mission will continue. 

In the Drone Freeze in the air community post, we also mentioned that it is recommended to check if the drone’s sensors are calibrated properly. More specifically, some users reported that the issue was resolved after performing the compass calibration.