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How do you enter the RTH altitude into a flight Mission?

I too pose the same question. Also, when I do a grid mission and after flying the missions my phantom 4 seems to not want to return home but instead decides to land where the ‘Finish’ point is on the grid. Am I missing something that can fix this problem?

Sounds like the HOME POINT has not been updated prior to launching.

However,  if that were the case, you should receive a warning prior to launch, and your launch would not be allowed to proceed. 

It allowed me to launch the mission that’s why I wasn’t sure why it wouldn’t return to the home point after the mission. After the mission completed it would start to land there so I would have to take over the controls to have it land relatively somewhere near my original start point. 

@Peter and @Allen, the RTH altitude can be configured directly in the DJI GO app and will be taken into account when flying with Pix4Dcapture. Keep in mind that our app does not override DJI safety procedures.

@Allen, at the moment I am not sure what could cause the landing at the last waypoint. In some cases, if the drone is far from the home point and there is not enough battery to return to home, the vertical landing will be triggered.


@Blaz, this was my first flight that I had the P4P in the air so I didn’t have the RTH altitude configured in the DJI GO app yet. I just did that now so hopefully that fixed the problem. The Batteries were fully charged so I don’t believe that was the issue.