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Landing at the end of mission instead of going to home to land.


May I ask what drone are you using?


Phantom 3 Professional and Mavic 2 Zoom.

Phantom 3 Professional and Mavic 2 Zoom.

There are actually some settings in DJI GO (4) to define, like the remaining battery percentage and distance to the home point that will trigger the drone to automatically come back if the connection is lost after 3 seconds (fail-safe). This option can for instance be disabled. Therefore to override the function, you should change it in the DJI app and tweak the fail-safe / return-to-home (RTH) settings.

Note that the following behaviors can happen when signal is lost with the remote controller (and so with Pix4Dcapture):

  • If you have enough battery it comes back to the home point.
  • If the drone is within a radius of 20 m from the home point it will land immediately.
  • If the drone is far from the home point and there is not enough battery to return to home it will trigger vertical landing.
  • If the signal is not lost but the battery is lower than the minimum threshold set in the fail-safe settings, the fail-safe actions are triggered.

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I hope it helps.