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[iOS] Drone landing at the end point not its homepoint

I have a shiny new DJI Phantom 4 Pro 2.0 running on an iPad mini 2, ios 11.4.1 wit Pix4D and DJi GO 4 all updated. I was testing the double grid mode over my work building, taking off and landing in a safe area of the parking lot. I’ve done the same program with a regular P4 with no issues.

Here’s the problem. I turn everything on, start GO 4 to record settings, turn it off completely, start Pix4D and load the mission, hit start, check everything’s green and off the drone goes. Once it finished the double grid however, it lands at the end point rather than returning to the start point. I’ve tried several things to try to make it work, but so far with no success. I’ve been able to either let it land as it was in a safe spot, or take control and fly it to safety.

After reading about issues with the V2.0 and with Pix4D having just been updated I was wondering if this is a common issue or if it’s just me missing a setting. I’ll be trying the same run tomorrow with my Mavic to see if that has a similar issue. 

I’ve got a phantom 3 pro in IOS platform and I’ve been also having some of that problem. Sometimes it come home other just start landing wher the mission ends


Thank you, for your feedback. Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 is not officially supported yet and then we do not encourage our users to use the Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 with Pix4Dcapture. As the development and testing for its support are still ongoing, you may encounter unexpected behavior when flying. Please keep updated with the latest news on this thread.

@ Jorge, please consider sending us the logs next time the issue occurs, it will help us to investigate as for now it seems to be a random issue that appears from time to time.


Where can I get the log file in the IOS?

Ok I will search now. Just read the article where its explained. I will send it soon

I have the same issue with new Phantom 4 Pro (WM331A). After Double Grid Mission it starts to land at the end of mission.

Hello Ondřej,

Thank you for your feedback. The behavior you are reporting has been described a few times but it can not be reproduced so far.
Are you experimenting this behavior all the time or it is a one time issue?

In case of unexpected behavior of the drone during a mission, you always have the possibility to take back manual control. I would suggest you have a look at how to interrupt a mission here.


I was flying simple Polygon missions with Android before and there was no problem with landing. Yesterday I changed for iOS verison because of advanced settings possibility. So far I have made two or three missions and it happened in every case. 



Hi Ondřej,

I would suggest you look at our basic checks and troubleshooting article on our knowledge base.

I would recommend you to especially focus on the drone manufacturer’s settings which under certain conditions might make the drone land at his current position when the Return-To-Home is triggered at the end of the mission.
Also, restarting the mission from scratch when an unexpected behavior happen usually solve most of the one-time issues (even if in your case it seems reproducible). To do so, close and force quit the app, disconnect the cable from the mobile device, turn off the remote controller and the drone. Then switch on the drone and the controller, reconnect the USB cable and open Pix4Dcapture