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Mavic pro won't land

first time i used pix4d capture running on iOS and after the drone returned it hovered at 6 feet and would not land. I have tried again on several different surfaces. Asphalt, grass and a landing pad. I had to use the dji go app to force it to land. Any ideas?

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no idea, but had the same problem any times also after a done mission in pix4d capture. I had to land manually.

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Hi Gary and Christian,

This behavior has not been reported so far. Are you experiencing this behavior all the time? 
We have not been able to reproduce the behavior you are mentioning. Are you using Pix4Dcapture in special conditions? For example, did you already takeoff manually before running the app?

The Homepoint is set by DJI GO 4 when switching the drone on. Pix4Dcapture being a third-party application it will not interfere with the landing phase and the drone should land properly. A suggestion would be to check in DJI GO 4 if a setting can induce the behavior you have seen.


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