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DJI X5 camera / Inspire 1 and the Capture App beta


Impressed so far with the beta Android app and latest public Inspire 1 FW. I am keen to try out the app with X5 camera and DJI lens and wonder

(a) if the X5 camera is supported yet
(b) if I need to change any settings in the app?

Obviously the focal length is different than the X3 camera that was originally on the Inspire, so the overlap is going to be lower unless the mission plan is changed.

Best wishes

Nick (UK)

It is not supported in the current beta. 

When will the X5 camera be supported?

By November 7th?? :slight_smile:

Yes please add support for the X5 camera, that makes a great mapping tool.

We have had at least 1 user who has reported using the Inspire 1 Pro successfully with the Capture App.

The X5 can come with several different lenses. If you use one of the lenses with 84 degree Field of view, then the overlap given by the app is approximately accurate. If you use the 72 degree field of view lens (for example the one that comes standard with the X5), then you should adjust the overlap given in the app as follows

The actual overlap is given by

(1 - P) * 1.38 = (1 - P’)

where P is the overlap given by the app, and P’ is the actual overlap. (in decimal, 70%=0.7). This is obtained by doing a bit of trigonometry.

Let us say that you want 70% overlap between the images. You need to set a different value in the app. Using the formula above, P’=0.7 and you want to figure out the overlap to set in the app, called P. It would be 1-P=(1-0.7)/1.38=0.3/1.38=0.22 Hence P=0.78=78%. You would need to set the overlap to 78% in the app to get an actual overlap of 70% with the 72 degree field of view lens.




Here is a Google Spreadsheet that allows you to type in your desired overlap, and a result will be given to you of the overlap you need to set in the App for correct results: 

Hope it’s helpful.