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Define Camera Parameters in PIX4Dmatic


Although one of the aims of the PIX4Dmatic is supporting the processing of large format images, different cameras could not be define in PIX4Dmatic. It is necessary to working with several large format datasets. For example, I want to process PhaseOne iXM-RS150F,however, I can’t edit camera specifications in PIX4Dmatic.

Hi @atay,

thank you for the suggestion. We took note of it and will consider to implement it in future versions. From the information I have at the moment, this feature could be added by the end of next year.

Note that all cameras that have the basic EXIF information available are supported. You can find more information in the article:

For other visitors of this page, feel free to upvote this post and add a comment with a description how would you use this feature and which camera are you trying to use.