matic initial processing file related

In the case of pix4d mapper, there are external parameter files and internal parameter files in the initial processing params, but in the case of matic, is there any way to view the calibration parameter file and the camera.ssk file? That file is absolutely necessary.

Hi Kim,

Starting with PIX4Dmatic 1.46, it is possible to export in an open format for interchange of photogrammetry data.
Please take a look at the specifications to see if you can find what you need:



Thank you for answer.

Do you have any idea how to use simple or which one should I use?

what i need is
Internal and external parameters and camera information.

It’s hard to know what to check when you check it on github…

Hi @kim_minsu,

Try to look at this documentation page:
There are also some examples if needed.
Let me know if this helps.

As Daniele mentioned, OPF will give you access to a wealth of information on camera parameters.

That said, we’re currently working on exposing external camera parameters in a table directly in PIX4Dmatic, so that you can view them and edit them if necessary. (check the preview release that will be out next week, version 1.49.0). The internal camera parameters will soon be visible too. That will hopefully address your need too.