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Cretaing Triangle Mesh stuck at 40%


I have been trying to merge multiple projects together each containing GCPs and tie points. But inspite of multiple attempts each time, the process get stuck at 40% while ‘Creating Triangle Mesh’ in step 2.
I have tried the solution suggested here as well but no luck:

Any help in this is highly appreciated.


Hello Nikhil,

Could you please upload to our Cloud Services your dataset plus the log and p4d files?

This is a known issue which might depend on the input images. Therefore we need to investigate.
We would really appreciate if you could send us an email to when the upload is complete because we will not be notified.

In addition, could you please provide the following information about your PC configuration in the email you will send?
Amount of RAM memory:
GPU used:
GPU driver version:
CPU used:
Available hard disk space:

Thank you for your help.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Any update on this ?

Hi Paul,

We saw in your reply to another post (, that the issue related to the mesh generation, was stuck at 40% but that after 2 days and letting your computer process, the mesh could finally be created.

We first wanted to know if you gave this workaround a try?

  1. Process step 2 without generating the mesh in the processing options.
  2. Go in the processing options: Process > Options… under the tab step 2 select the mesh as output.
  3. Generate the mesh from the menu bar: Process > Generate 3D Textured Mesh.

Could you please upload to our Cloud Services your dataset, plus the log and p4d files, and write us to
If you still have a project that could finish the mesh generation and another that remained stuck at 40% it would be very useful for us to have both.
It is also possible to use a server or another service like WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. As you prefer.
Like mentioned above, could you also provide the PC configuration?

This issue is not fixed yet, our developers need more investigation and your case would be very interesting.
It is related to some function in the mesh generation algorithm, the hardware configuration, and the input images.
Perhaps if you try to process the same project on a different computer it will work.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Thanks Guys. Did you get all the files that I sent the link to ?

Did you send to
It seems like we did not receive any email.