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Stuck on Triangle Mesh

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to process step 2, point cloud densification, for a project of about 1km² but im getting stuck at 40% during the “creating triangle mesh” step. This has happened twice so far, the second one I let processing overnight without luck.

Any idea as what may cause this?

In project summary, on the map tab, it says that the point cloud densification was done and I have .las files on the point cloud folder. Now i’m skipping the stage 2 and going to step 3. Can that result in an un-precise orthomap?

Thank you


I have excatly the same issue, so it has to be a major problem.



Got a reply from support, and it worked out for me. Here is what to do:

  1. Process step 2 without generating the mesh in the processing options.
  2. Go in the processing options: Process > Options… under the tab step 2 select the mesh as output.
  3. Generate the mesh from the menu bar: Process > Generate 3D Textured Mesh