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Confirmation email not recieved

@alice.Pix4D I am unable to activate my account because i do not receive confirmation email. when i attempt to resend i get the message “failed to send confirmation email”. and its not in spam

please can you help activate :

Many thanks

Hello Sani,

I can see in our system that your licenses have been activated. If not, could you please create a ticket for us? We might need some private information from your side.


Hi Fernanda,
The problem i am having is i cannot log in my account with the Pix4DFields desktop software because my account has not been verified. please see screenshot.

I have not received any confirmation email to my inbox nor spam.

Hi, I’m not Sani.


Hi Vincente,

Thanks for letting me know that you are receiving these notifications. Every time, someone posts on this thread you will receive a notification. If you would not like to receive a notification, please click on the notification bell, and select the option that best suits you. You can Mute the notifications.

Kind regards,

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I can see in our system that your account is verified. I am creating a ticket, and will contact you there. As soon as we solve this, I will post on the community.

Kind regards,


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Hello. I’m having the same issue. No confirmation email is being sent to my account and when I try to click the RESEND button it says that it failed to do so. What can I do?


I have confirmed your account. The emails sent by Pix4D have been blocked, according to our system. I suggest that you check in your email provider if you haven’t set any blocking filter.


I have similar problems, it says ‘Verification email failed to be sent’.?


Our system shows that several emails are sent. A few of them are opened and the account is activated. Kindly let us know if you still have the problem.

Warm regards,