Confirmation email not recieved

Hey everyone. I really want to try the trial version of this program to get a model that I need for my Masther Thesis.

However, I’m not getting the verification email!!! I have hit resend multiple times and I’m not getting the email. I’m getting other emails.

What could be the problem???

Thank you!



Hi Vincente,

We have seen in our system that there were multiple confirmation emails sent to your account. Sometimes the verification email can take some minutes to arrive or end up in the spam folder depending on the configuration of the filter of your email account. In case the email is not within your spam then, another possibility is that it might be bounced.

Could you check that you have not blacklisted us as the sender (pix4d or MailChimp, which is our sending channel)?

Additionally please note that you could re-send the confirmation email by login into to your cloud account: and click RESEND button (see the screenshot below):


Hi Blaž.

Ty very much for your answer.

I’ve checked the spam folder and there’s no email sent by Pix4D. I also havent blacklisted you…

Is there any way to add another email adress? I registered this one as it’s my uni’s email.


I manually confirmed your account. Could you check if you can use the software by logging in as described in the How to log out Pix4D Desktop article?

Hey thank you so much!!! I just got everything done and got a mesh from Google Earth!!! It could have better resolution (correlation with Earth Model) but I guess that for that many more pics will be needed?

Do you know if more pics=better mesh?

Should they all be from the same distance or is closing up from many different angles better?

Where’s your name from?

Thank you!!!

Vicente :slight_smile:

I am glad it worked.

Typically more images can result in better reconstruction. The important thing is that there is enough overlap between the images and that the images are not taken from one place, like in panoramas, but by moving around the object of interest. 

More information here:


cool! thanx!

Hello there! Is there any limit on process images? I took 1169 pictures of the requiered site model and the program didn’t register all the camera places. Also, what are the recomended settings for a city skyline and hill model? TY!!!

I just realised there are a couple overlapped picture points!

As you can see on the screenshot provided, the hill is clearly modeled like the buildings are inside it lol.

Maybe this happened coz I took detail pics of different zones??? Thank you!

Hola Vicente, 

Thank you for your comments and questions.
However your new questions are not related anymore to the first topic and hence the title of the post.
In order to keep order in our posts and facilitate the search for user we try to stay focused on the initial subject.

May I ask you to post your last two comments in a new thread?
Then we will reply to you.

Thank you very much,

Im having the same problem here… nothing in spam folders too… and no verification mail received

Hi Haziq,

Thank you for reporting.
We are currently experiencing an issue with our mailing system.
It should be fixed by Wednesday 19.12.18.

We are really sorry about the inconvenience.
If you cannot activate your account or any other impeding issue, please write us on Contact Support


me too… until now… i did’nt get email activation… i already check spam folder too…

Hi Abdur,

If you cannot wait the issue to be solved,
Please write us on Contact Support

Sorry for the inconvenience.


i just write on contact support a few minutes ago… 

Hi Abdur,

Your account has been activated!

Enjoy our software and do not hesitate to have a look on our Knowledge base.


Also unable to get verification email. Not in junk, have other email from Pix4D, not black listed and triple checked the email address I entered. I also checked both my Mail app and the website for email.  Nothing.  Please help. 


I’m too getting the same Issue with No activation email.N o email in spam neither blacklisted your emails. Could you please solve issue asap or Manually activate it ?

Same here, no confirmation email so far. I hoped to upload my model today or tommorow, so I can use it for my homework while visiting my parents during hoiday.


@Greg, @Chamika and @Maik all of your accounts have been manually confirmed!

Sorry for the inconvenience.