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Clipping the textured triangle mesh and PDF3D output

After processing of step 1 and 2, I’d like to clip the textured triangle mesh to hide a part of the 3D. Is it possible with the clipping box ? (I’ve do it for the point cloud, but I can’t with the 3D mesh.)

Also, is it possible to generate 3D PDF with the same clipping box to have exactly the useful 3D model.

Thanks for your help


You can crop the mesh using the processing area of the point cloud. Once the point cloud is cropped you can generate the mesh again and it will be generated in the area that you drawn. I guess it should also work with the 3d pdf.


When I create a processing area, the mesh is generated outside the fence, in the whole image actually…

Hi Baptiste, 

The Clipping Box only affects the visualization of the Point Cloud, more in this article: 

As Cyrille mentioned, using a Processing Area looks like the right solution in this case, more here: 

Note: if the Processing Area is added after step 2. Point Cloud and Mesh was generated it will affect only outputs of step 3. DSM, Orthomosaic and Index. In this case, it would be necessary to run step 2. Point Cloud and Mesh again.