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Smoothing Triangle Mesh For use in rendering software



I was wondering if there is any way to “smooth” the 3D triangle mesh? The rendering software that I’m using is Lumion 3D. When The sun hits the exported 3D mesh from Pix4d, there are shadows cast off of every triangle “bump” in the model’s surface which makes it difficult to use. Any Help is appreciated!





I could think about a few things that could help: 

A possible workflow to detect issues in the model would be to: 

  • Create a low resolution model (fast processing)
  • Identify parts of the model with issues
  • Use the Clipping Box to edit those areas in the point cloud
  • Regenerate the model with better resolution
  • Check for issues
  • Smooth remaining parts with surfaces

Would such a workflow work for you? Someone else has experience with such projects?