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entire section of my point cloud is not being used for mesh

The first screen is my point cloud and the second shot is my mesh.  The mesh is missing huge parts of data especially on the left side of these pictures.  Any solutions out there?


Did you have a processing area defined when you first processed?  

Its point density.

Playing in mesh configuration may get ya better result.

You may want to try increasing densification configs then run mesh process.

I agree with Gary, it is likely getting clipped because of the max triangle setting…bump it up to 20,000,000 and hope you have enough RAM.

There is no processing area defined in the pictures so that isn’t it and the point cloud would be clipped if outside the processing area.

The reason I mentioned the processing area is because it could have been deleted after processing, which would reveal the points outside of the processing area in the point cloud, because they are generated regardless.  The triangle mesh, on the other hand, does not generate anything outside of a processing area.  


My experience has been that if my max triangle setting is too low, the whole thing has less definition, but it has never selectively clipped an area of the mesh.  Have you experienced this?  

Good point Chris, thanks for clarifying for me.

And I haven’t seen such a large area clipped either so it is puzzling.

Puzzling indeed…


Please do let us know when you figure it out.  I would be interested to know what happened.