Can't login with license on new computer

I have an unlimited Pix4Dmapper license that I was using on a desktop. I disabled the device on my licenses page but I can’t seem to login on the new computer.

It shows ‘Support & Upgrade subscription has expired’ and the OK to login cannot be selected.

I tried to login on my old computer and everything seems to work fine but I am not able to use the license on the new computer (despite diabling the old device through my account).

Could you please help.

Hi @aroell,

Thank you for your message.
As your Support & Upgrade has expired, you only can use PIX4Dmapper versions up to the date of expiration. If you try to use a more recent version with your login credentials, the OK button will be disabled.
That means that the last version you are able to log in to is PIX4Dmapper 4.7.5. You can download and install this version from here: PIX4Dmapper 4.7.5

Please let me know if this helps you.

Hello @Daniele_Lecci,

Thanks for getting back so promptly.

Yes, the older version is working!

Thanks for your support.

Hi @aroell,

I’m happy to hear that PIX4Dmapper 4.7.5 work well for you.

Happy mapping :slight_smile: