Cannot login from app using Firefox as default browser.

I cannot log in to the app, even though I can log in to the website from my phone, so I have a valid account. Whenever I press Log In button on the app, it kicks me out of the app and to a browser page where it attempts to access, but the page never loads, it just stays black. After a second of trying, it kicks me back to the app without ever logging in. No error messages are displayed. This is my first attempt at making models with the app, so I am completely unable to upload any of my captures to the cloud for processing. It appears in the reviews of the app on Google Play that Blueice Kman has the exact same issue as I do as of 2/14/22, so this isn’t an isolated issue. This is on a fully updated Samsung S10.



Hi chirp08,

Welcome to the community, thank you for your question, and for helping identify this issue.

In this case, we were able to confirm that Firefox as the default browser was causing this issue, and was able to correct it by switching to Chrome. Firefox is a compatible browser, and users should have the choice to use it as they wish.

We are trying to look into why Firefox is causing this issue, but currently, we are unable to replicate the same problem.

Known variables:

  • Samsung S10.
  • Android 12.
  • Firefox(current version) is the default browser on the device.
  • PIX4Dcatch(current version).
  • Good internet connection with no firewall.
  • Valid Pix4D account (paid license is not necessary). Can log in to the website, but then are unable to sign in from PIX4Dcatch.

It does appear that the feedback referred to from the other user could be related, and I will reply to their feedback informing them (and others who read it) about this discovery.

@chirp08, there seems to be a hidden variable causing this issue. We support a user’s preference for any compatible browser and encourage you to continue to try using it. We wonder if there could be a certain app/extension/setting that could be contributing to this. If you are able to find the outlier, please update it here. I also updated the title of this thread to gain further search visibility.

To any users coming here with the same issue, can you please reply by listing the known variables above in your case? From there we can try to find a common thread.