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Cannot connect to internet

I know there’s help on this:–Android-Error-Cannot-connect-to-internet-

I have successfully logged in with my DJI account that means the internet is working? But everytime I try to follow the suggestions, it says “Cannot connect to internet”

Do I need to do anything else? 

Hi Biplov,

Do you have mobile data on your device?
Do you mean you successfully logged in DJI GO or VISION app with your DJI account on the field? Or in the office before?

No I used wifi. I logged in with wifi at office

Then in order to get the SDK token, you will have to launch the app in the office where you have Wi-Fi.

Logging in Pix4Dcapture will not trigger the check of the SDK token status. This is done after selecting the type of mission and clicking Start.

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I did restart the app for more than 10 times with Wi-Fi but it gives same message. Note I was just saying I didnt used mobile data but rather Wi-Fi

You had Wi-Fi on the field, meaning Internet connection?
Or did you used Wi-Fi to connect to the drone, meaning you fly a Phantom 2 Vision(+)?

We have Phantom 3 Professional. I was inside office and was connected to internet. I plug in the connector remote and mobile. I was able to successfully login. But these messages keep coming “cannot connect to internet”. I restarted app for more than 10 times but same.

I use One Plus One.


I  have the same problem … and cant find solution… could help me , please 

Does anyone knows any app that can be used for automatic flight planning for DJI Phantom 3 Pro?

Hi all,

We have just released a new version of Pix4Dcapture on Android (2.1.1).
Here are the release notes:
Getting starting procedure:

Let us know how the connection problem goes if you have some time to give it a try.

Please share your experience under this forum post:

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