Cannot carry on with mission, stuck on wifi connection

This is very odd, the latest app on Lollipop says that I am connected to wifi yet I cannot proceed with next stop as button is in light green and not active.

Have a screenshot if needed.

Hello Xavier,

In the application the connection to the drone is made in two steps. First it will connect to the WiFi and then it will connect to the drone. You can only perform a mission once the app says “Connected to drone”.

If the application is failing to connect to the drone it could be for the following reasons:

  • Another device is also connected to the drone.

Make sure that no other devices are connected to the drone’s WiFi. If multiple devices are connected to the drone, it will only take commands from the first device that was connected.

  • Another application running on your device is connected to the drone’s camera, such as DJI Vision application.

Make sure to properly close all other drone’s apps that are running on your device.

  • The application didn’t get the SDK token.

The first time that you launch the app or after you have updated it, the application needs to verify DJI’s SDK token over the internet. Make sure that you are connected to internet the first time that you launch the app or after having installed a new version. Also make sure that the WiFi of your device is NOT connected to the drone or your device will not be able to connect to internet.


Thanks, yes, I had another Android with the DJI pilot app in case I had to take over in manual mode but the Phantom was not too far so I guess I don’t need it really. It worked pretty well, I mapped a skate park. Uploading pictures to the cloud now, thanks guys!

Hi Xavier,

Please note that when you are using our App you can always regain manual control of the drone by switching the S1 switch down on your remote control. This will abort the mission and you will be able to fly the drone manually.

What is very important is to have the remote control switch on at all time during the mission to be able to take back manual control.



I am using Bebop and an iPad pro.
I have the wifi connected to the drone, and it is the only device connected to the drone.
And it is still impossible to start the mission because it keeps saying that I am not connected to the drone.
When I check the app permissions it only asks permission to use Bluetooth and says that the app doesn’t use wifi.
So I can’t do any photogrammetry with this app.
I would like some check on the app.
Thank you