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Camera support.

Tried Pix4d react with my Inspire2 x5s 12mm Olympus.Says sorry camera not supported.FAQ says dji x5s is supported ?


Thank you for contacting Pix4D Technical Support. Can you please upload one image of your dataset?

Thank you for your patient

HI Fernanda, thanks for reply. T
his camera set up works with pix4d model.

I am posting this for the other people in the community.
Indeed this specific camera with a 12mm focal length is not currently in our camera database, and the image provided does not have all the required Exif data to be read automatically in Pix4Dreact. We changed this from the FAQ article to avoid misunderstandings. We are actively working on supporting more RGB cameras in Pix4Dreact. To add cameras into the database please contact Pix4D support here