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Camera optimization: relative difference between initial and optimized internal camera parameters

I use DJ phantom 3 advanced,but when I use Pix4Dmapper,"Camera optimization quality"will be a “!” everytime,like this “170.82% relative difference between initial and final focal length”. who can help me .

Hi 王 伟,

It usually happens because the focal length optimization converged towards a wrong optimum during the processing. The computed focal length could get two solutions mathematically however, one of them does not make sense physically. In order to make the focal length computed correctly the All Prior option is necessary.

  1. On the menu bar, click Process > Processing Options…
  2. Select 1. Initial Processing and then the tab Calibration.
  3. Make sure the box Advanced at the bottom left corner is checked.
  4. In the section Calibration, from the drop-down list for Internal Parameters Optimization, select All Prior.
  5. Click OK to close the window.
  6. Re-run step 1. Initial Processing (more info about running a single step).

Can you give an updated solution to this please? I’m getting the same problem and there is no Calibration Tab in the Initial Processing window.

Hi Allan,

It might be you did not check the advanced checkbox.